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3 Reasons to Book an Inside Cabin on Your Next Cruise

Booking an inside cabin has its perks.

Of course you want a balcony stateroom—who doesn’t? There are few things I love more than listening to the gentle lapping of waves lull me to sleep at night. And I find few things more relaxing that stargazing with a hot cup of tea after a warm shower. Now that’s living. But the reality is, I simply can’t always afford a balcony cabin. I try to cruise a few times each year, so I have to compromise sometimes. And one of the first things I sacrifice is the balcony.

Here are three advantages to booking an inside cabin on your next cruise.

They’re Cheap

It’s hard to beat the price of an inside stateroom. Often they’re 50 to 70 percent cheaper than a balcony stateroom. For voyages where there’s plenty to see while you sail, the extra money makes sense. But if you’re sailing the open ocean, it’s a great time to save some cash and book an inside room instead.

Each year, I try to go on one big cruise to a less traditional destination, like the Canary Islands or Southeast Asia, and two minor cruises to places like Baja or the Caribbean. I always get a balcony for the big cruise, but unless I get a great rate, I pass it up for the minor cruises. I save my pennies to spend on land or to take an extra trip throughout the year.

On my last cruise, my inside stateroom was equipped with two porthole windows. We had no idea we were getting this perk, and it was a fantastic surprise. The portholes were similar in size to the ocean view rooms at a fraction of the cost.

inside cabin

Pro Tip: Did you know you can ask for an upgrade once you’re on the ship. You’ll likely have to wait in line a while, but the minute you get on board, head to guest services and ask if there are any upgrade suites available. You may just get lucky and find yourself with a balcony cabin for the price of inside stateroom.

2. It’s Great Incentive to Get Out

My motto when I’m on the high seas is, “If I’m sitting in my stateroom, I’m cruising wrong.” Whether you’re on a wee river cruise or a massive ocean liner, there are a million things to see and do on a cruise. The live entertainment is amazing, the bars are hopping, the food is delicious, and the pool is always inviting.

When I have a balcony, I’m more likely to take in the sunset from my stateroom than the upper deck. That means, I’m only seeing half the beauty. In Norway, the captain of the Vision of the Seas gave a guided tour, pointing out the sights on each side of the ship, as we sailed out of Geiranger. It wasn’t long before I realized I needed to get to the Lido deck to take it all in. Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up watching the waves from your own balcony that you forget about the live music and awesome activities taking place all over the ship.

When you have an inside cabin, none of this is a problem because the only thing you have to stare at are four walls. You’ll want to get out and join the action outside your stateroom.

inside cabin

3. Peace and Quiet

Sometimes, you just want a good night’s sleep. Inside cabins are darker for the simple fact that they don’t have any exposure to outside light. And because they’re on the inside, they tend to be a bit quieter than other parts of the ship. If you have trouble catching some Zs, you just might want to give an inside cabin a shot. Not to mention, if the seas are a bit rough, you’re less likely to feel the impact.

These are just a few great reasons to book an inside cabin on your next cruise. What other reasons do you have? Head over to the Wanderlust Wayfarer Facebook group to share your ideas.

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