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5 Reasons a Cruise Cabin is Better than a Hotel Room

A cruise cabin has some major advantages over a hotel room.

cruise cabin

I know, you’re thinking, “how different can they be?” And you’re right. In terms of the amenities the room itself provides, they’re pretty similar. You’ll find a bed, bathroom, and dressers, for example. But there are a few pretty big differences, too. Check out these five reasons—in order of importance—why a cruise cabin is better than a hotel room.

1. Towel Animals

Nothing brings a smile to your face like a towel monkey hanging from the curtain rod. It seems such a simple thing, but it’s true. Each night when you return to your room, you’ll find a different animal crafted from the linens. Elephants, dogs, swans, and snakes are just some of the adorable animals you might find frolicking on your furniture. I especially love when my sunglasses become a prop for a personal touch.

2. Nightly Turndown Service

Do you remember the tale of the cobbler and the elves? When the cobbler goes to bed at night, the elves come and do his work for him. Well, the cabin crew on a cruise ship are kind of like those elves. Sometime between when you leave for dinner and when you next return to your room, a magical transformation will take place inside your cruise cabin. The lights will be dimmed, your bed will be turned dine, the bathroom will be restocked.

3. Personal Touches

From the minute you board the ship to the day you disembark, your cabin porter will provide personal service tailored just for your needs. You can expect to see them almost every time you step out of your cruise cabin. They’ll greet you by name and offer assistance or advice. Once, a porter from a previous cruise recognized me many months later on a different ship in another part of the world. That’s how awesome they are.

4. Starry Nights

There’s nothing quite like sitting on your balcony late at dusk and watching the sun sink behind the horizon, except maybe waking up early to watch it rise over the ocean. With the sound of the waves crashing below and the gentle rocking of the ship, it’s an experience you simply can’t match in a hotel room.

cruise cabin

5. A Whole New World

By far, the absolute number one reason a cruise cabin is better than a hotel room is that you can go to bed in one city and wake up in a totally different one.

Do you have other reasons why a cruise cabin is better than a hotel room? Share them with the Wanderlust Wayfarer Facebook group.

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