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6 Places to Find Peace and Quiet on a Cruise Ship

There area plenty of places where you can find peace a quiet on a cruise ship.

If you’re like me, as much as you love the live entertainment and activities on a cruise, you also want a little time to yourself. I love to kick back with a good book, and just relax. It may be hard to imagine anyplace on a cruise ship where you can get away from the hustle and bustle, but if you know where to look, you can carve out a little space that’s all your own.

peace and quiet on a cruise ship

Check out these six places where you can find peace and quiet on a cruise ship.

1. The Library

Every cruise ship has a special place set aside for people to read, play, cards, and do a little work. It’s usually tucked away in a rarely used corner of the ship. Typically, talking in anything louder than a hushed tone is taboo in the library.

2. The Spa

It’s no surprise that you can find peace and quiet in a spa, but what many people don’t know is that for a small, daily fee, you can buy access to an exclusive part of the spa that is off limits to other guests. Typically, these rooms feature a few hot tubs, heated lounge chairs, floor-to-ceiling windows, snacks, and other amenities that make it the perfect, peaceful retreat. Ask at the spa reception desk for more details.

3. The Upper Deck

Look up. Look way up…above the Lido Deck where all the outdoor action takes place, you’re bound to find at least one or two more decks. On these upper decks, you’re far enough from the noise of the pool and other activities yet still near enough to the buffet that it’s the ideal place to kick back. And, you can still get a great tan since you’ll be outside in the sun.

4. The Cafe

In addition to the tea and coffee service at mealtime, most cruise ships have an onboard cafe where you can buy a latte or cappuccino for a nominal fee. It’s often located someplace mid-ship in a quiet corridor. Not a lot of people hang out at the cafe, which makes it a great place to grab a cup of joe and enjoy the silence.

5. The Spaces in Between

Take a walk around your ship. Chances are that you’ll find a cozy space in a quiet corner that you can call your own. Plenty of ships have window seats lining the aisles, lounges that are unused during the day, or even lesser-known hideaways just waiting to be discovered (check out the hanging chairs between the family and adult pools on the Norwegian Epic, for example).

6. Your Stateroom Balcony

Now this might seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Your stateroom balcony is the perfect place to watch the world go by in complete silence. I love to wake up early and watch the sun come up, or at night, bring a hot cup of tea back to my cabin and stare at the stars while reading a good—AKA cheesy—romance.

These are just a few of the places where you’ll find peace and quiet on a cruise ship. Go others? Share them with the Wanderlust Wayfarer Facebook group.

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