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7 Practical Travel Gadgets Everyone Needs

These travel gadgets should be in everyone’s carry-on bag.

They’re not high-tech or outrageous. They’re just practical tools that come in handy on almost every cruise or vacation. Check out these seven must-have travel gadgets. These maybe not a high tech spy gadgets that you may use to spy others, They’re a normal tool that you can use in any situation that will help you when you need them in any situation.

Portable USB Charger

travel gadgets

How many times have you found yourself staring at the most incredible site but you couldn’t snap a photo because your phone or camera needed charging? You can charge your battery lightning quick and on the fly with a portable USB charger. These days, they’re pretty small so you can slip one in your pocket or clip one to your day bag. Never leave home without one of these awesome gadgets.

Selfie Stick

travel gadgets

It’s time to face facts…sometimes your arms simply aren’t long enough to get a great picture of yourself and whatever temple, mountain, statue, or other attraction happens to be behind you. As silly as they look, selfie sticks are amazing, especially if you’re traveling solo.

Plug Adapter

travel gadgets

Before you leave home, make sure all of your appliances and electronics are fitted with the appropriate plug for the country where you’re traveling. And if you’re not sure, be sure to take along a portable adaptor plug converter. If you’re traveling to several different parts of the world on one trip, it’s handy to have an adaptor that has all different styles of plugs in one converter. There’s nothing worse than getting to your hotel or cruise ship and finding out you have no way to plug in your computer or curling iron.

Power Bar

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Somehow it seems like there are never enough places to plug in all your electronics when you’re staying in a hotel room or on a cruise ship. Take a small power bar with you wherever you go, and you’ll never run into that problem again.


Don’t get caught on a plane without headphones. These days, there are no guarantees they’ll give you a pair for free. Get a pair that folds up wee and fits in your pocket. You won’t regret it.


travel gadgets

So you like the feel of a real book and the smell of the pages—trust me, I get it. I’ve been in the publishing industry for years…but if you’re an avid reader and away from home for a week or more, one book simply won’t cut it. And who wants to carry around a bevy of books? An eReader is a must. You can store thousands of books, and most are backlit so you can read in dim light situations. If you still want that real book feel, get yourself a custom cover.


travel gadgets

Want to get cool pics or live-action shots? Try traveling with a GoPro. The images and videos you’ll take will have a 3D feel and ultra vibrant colors. There’s nothing quite like it.

Have other ideas about the best travel gadgets to take on vacation? Leave us a comment, and let us know.

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