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Cheap Places to Stay: 5 Tips for Luxe Accommodations at Affordable Rates

I like a nice hotel. But I especially like when I find cheap places to stay that make me feel like a princess despite their low price.

When I’m traveling, I prefer to stay someplace authentic with a little local flavor rather than at a big-name chain. Regardless of where I am, I like to be in the lap of luxury…or at least someplace cute or quaint. If you can relate, follow these handy-dandy tips and tricks to help you find cheap places to stay that still have a high-class vibe.

1. Compare different websites

I usually start my quest for cheap places to stay on a hotel metasearch like Trivago. Most of these sites are ranked by professional companies that resell SEO. Before Trivago, I would spend countless hours searching half a dozen different travel websites at a time. Now, Trivago does that work for me. It searches bunches of other travel sites, including some of my faves like Expedia, Travelocity,, and Then it displays the prices listed on each of those other sites for every available hotel in the date range and location you’ve indicated. From there, you can select the one with the lowest rate.

Regardless of which site you use to search for accommodations, your bound to get a whole bunch of results…like hundreds. Rather than sift through all of the options, I always narrow my search further by star rating and district. If I know I want to stay in three-star hotel in Anaheim, there’s no point looking at four-star hotels in Newport, for example. Then I sort by lowest price first. Sometimes you can find high-end hotels mixed in with lower-priced places. There are often special rates or promotions you may miss by jumping past modestly priced listings.

Once you’ve vetted the list to a few top options, it’s time to take your search to the next level. Go to the hotel’s website to see if there are any special offers for booking direct. Even give them a call. Sometimes you can sweet talk your way to a bit of an extra deal. And don’t forget to search the web for promo or discount codes. A quick Google search can often yield fruitful results.

2. Consider a Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts (BnBs) offer a different kind of accommodation. I’ve stayed in some that are, quite literally, a bed in a person’s home. Nothing flashy, just a bed in a private room. Other times, I’ve stayed in apartment-style buildings with multiple rooms over numerous floors that greatly resemble a boutique hotel. Each type of BnB has its own panache.

A great thing about BnBs is they come in a range of prices and are often more affordable than hotels. They can be simple and modest or over-the-top. Many are nearby main attractions, while others are off the beaten path. Regardless of your preference, there is something for everyone.

Since I like a little local flavor, if I’m having trouble finding a hotel that suits my tastes, I always turn my search strategy to BnBs. And if I can’t find an affordable hotel, I am certain I will always find a modest BnB to put me up for a few nights. And as you can tell from their name, the cost always includes breakfast. Did I mention BnBs are my go to for smaller towns, such as Lewes or Salisbury, England. You can find really cute, quaint BnBs in these places that give you a sense of how the locals live.

In fact, the opportunity to mingle with locals and others from around the world is one of the things I like best about BnBs. Typically, the owner puts out a lovely breakfast spread of fresh fruits and breads, jams, pastries, and more. Some may even cook eggs according to your personal preference. You can chat about living local and get a real feel for the place you’re visiting. Often other guests may be eating at the same time. BnB dining rooms are usually fairly cozy, giving you a chance to learn about their cultures as you eat. Maybe you’ll even learn about a new place to visit.

3. AirBnB Availability

A recent favorite for me when it comes to cheap places to stay is AirBnB. When a friend of mine told me two years ago he was renting his place to strangers using this new online arrangement, I thought he was nuts. Then I checked it out and realized the fabulousness of it all.

Six months ago I got a reminder about a cruise I had booked a year earlier and had forgotten all about. I always like to arrive a few days early to check out the departing port, which in this case was Barcelona. Unfortunately for me, there was a massive mobile conference that week, and even hostels were selling for hundreds of dollars each night. That’s when I remembered AirBnB. And boy am I glad I did. I got the most amazing private apartment for a fraction of the cost—$500 total for four nights. It was Spanish to the extreme, close to everything, and the host was divine.

On AirBnB, you can find everything from private apartments to single rooms. There’s quirky comfort or lavish luxury. Many owners are incredibly welcoming, offering tailored arrival information, maps, suggested activities, discounts to local amenities, and more. One apartment owner even let me have a package shipped to the residence in advance! AirBnB is quickly becoming my favorite way to find cheap places to stay that offer luxury and a taste of local living.

4. Stay off the beaten path

I know it’s great to be right in the heart of the action, but sometimes your budget just won’t stretch that far. This happened to me on a recent stay in New Orleans. I wanted to stay on either Royal or Bourbon Street, but the cost was a little out of my league. One block in the opposite direction—literally a two-minute walk to the infamous Famous Door live music venue—I found Dauphine Orleans. This top-rated hotel was well priced and had all the luxury amenities I love.

You don’t have to go far from the main attractions, unless you want to. But sometimes looking even just a block or two from the hottest spots can bring you surprising deals, not to mention a bit of peace and quiet at night since you’ll be away from all the late-night carousing.

Since the rail system in Europe is so simple, sometimes I look as far as nearby towns for cheap places to stay. They’re less popular than their big-city neighbors, so you can usually get way more bang for your buck. And little towns can be a lovely way to experience a less touristy look at daily life.

5. Choose to Cruise

It’s no secret I take a lot of cruises. I’d love to spend more time in each place I visit, but I have limited time and money. Cruises allow me to see a lot of places for a more-or-less all-inclusive rate. All your food and accommodations are included in the price you pay up front. Aside from alcohol, gratuities, and anything you buy onboard, you never need to take out your wallet.

I often book an interior stateroom when I cruise. The way I see it, if I’m spending all my time sitting in my room, I’m cruising wrong. Interior cabins are often ridiculously well priced. Remember that Barcelona cruise I mentioned earlier? All in, it cost less than $950 for 11 days on NCL Epic, one of the most impressive ships at sea. You simply can’t beat a deal like that.

If you’re worried about being cooped up in a room with no windows, fear not. There are plenty of open decks up top where you can sit and watch the world float by. Besides, balcony cabins only offer you a view of one side of the world, and from up top, you get a 360-degree view. But if you’re a bit claustrophobic, you can often upgrade to a room with a window for a few bucks more per person per night. It’s still a steal.

Pro tip: be sure to check the cost of your cruise from time to time. Ships often reach capacity with many empty rooms still available. More than once I’ve found the same cabin for less money a few weeks prior to departure. Most cruise lines will honor the lower rate. Occasionally, I’ve even been upgraded for free or got a deal and a half on an upgrade after boarding the ship.

Follow these handy tricks for hunting down cheap places to stay, and you can make every vacation both luxurious and affordable.

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