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Putting Together the Perfect Airplane Outfit

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

You want to look good and feel great in your airplane outfit.

I remember a time when going on a plane was a bit of a big deal. You would dress up in your Sunday best. But these days, flying is pretty commonplace, and no one wants to sit on a flight in a stiff pair of slacks. Still, the idea of at least looking reasonably presentable is stuck in my head.

It’s always the same dilemma every time you travel. You want to be comfortable without sacrificing style, but it’s a hard balance to find. If you’re headed someplace hot, you may want to wear shorts, for example. But there’s always the possibility your legs will stick to the vinyl seats on the plane or there will be a nip in the manufactured air. Bundling up means you’ve got to carry around bulky clothes you won’t need for the rest of your trip. If you still need to buy a ticket for your next flight, try checking out these airport transportation services.

Here are a few ideas for airplane outfits that straddle the line between looking good and feeling great.

Airplane Outfit Option 1

A relaxed-fit yoga pant or leggings made from a soft fabric is a great option. They’ve got lots of give so you can move around easily. You could substitute paper-thin boyfriend jeans for a more finished look. Pair them with a soft tee and a chunky sweater for a cute layered look. A plaid or chambray shirt also works well in place of the sweater.

For warm-weather travel, flip flops make for great footwear, or you can wear a pair of Toms if you want to cover up a bit more. To add a bit of extra flair, throw on a mala necklace and a few beaded bracelets, and you’re ready to fly. I always choose this option if I have a long flight since it’s quite cozy and I feel like I can curl up for a nap without crumpling my clothes.

Airplane Outfit Option 1

Airplane Outfit Option 2

If you like a bit of a dressier look but still want to be comfortable in your airplane outfit, try pairing a jersey dress with a colorful kimono. Make sure the dress is at least knee-length so you don’t accidentally expose yourself to anyone while trying to cross your legs on the plane (you know how awkward things can get in those tiny seats). The jersey fabric of the dress will bend and stretch with you, giving you a bit of freedom in the cramped airplane quarters.

Toss on a necklace and a pair of flip-flops or ankle boots, and you’ve got yourself a super stylish—yet still super comfy—airplane outfit. This is a great look if you need to dash off to an event or appointment as soon as you get off the plane.

Airplane Outfit Option 2

These are some of my favorite looks for airplane outfits that look good and feel great. I usually wear the same outfit both flying to my vacation destination and back home. This saves me from going through the dilemma over what to wear more than once. For ideas about which types of bags are right to accessorize your look and carry all of your travel necessities, check out our post on choosing the right travel bag.

What are some of your favorite travel clothes or airplane outfits?

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Airplane Outfit

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