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Travel Essentials: Four Things You Should Take on Every Trip

No one wants to be bogged down with stuff they simply don’t need. But these travel essentials should be in everyone’s carry-on.

It’s easy to remember to pack the basics: sewing kit, camera, nail clippers, and sunscreen, for example. But there are a few items I consider must-haves that aren’t in everyone’s bags.  

Krazy Glue

No matter where I go, I always carry Krazy Glue. Some people swear by duct tape or other adhesives, but they simply can’t compete with my fave. Krazy Glue can be used to fix a broken nail, repair a suitcase, seal a shoe sole, sew a ripped seam, stitch a small cut, or affix a loose button snap. It’s super small and weighs next to nothing, so there’s no reason not to take a tube of Krazy Glue with you. It’s truly multipurpose.

Wet Wipes

If you’re traveling carry-on only, it’s likely you won’t be allowed to take the travel-sized Lysol aerosols they sell at the supermarket through security. Wet wipes are your next best bet. While hand sanitizer is great for keeping your fingers germ-free, I prefer to carry a small pack of wet wipes. They’re ideal for cleaning up messes of all kinds. Spending the night sleeping on an airplane seat? Give it a quick cleaning before resting your head. They’re also handy for getting sand out from between your toes after a day at the beach.


Whether or not you’re expecting rain, it’s always a good idea to have an umbrella. Nowadays, you can buy a sturdy, lightweight umbrella that can fit in a small purse for a reasonable price. You’ll barely notice it’s there. If you’re caught in a slushy snowstorm without proper winter wear, you can use your umbrella to stay dry. Or you may find yourself melting under the hot sun at an outdoor concert in the Caribbean. You can pop your umbrella overhead to ward off the sun’s rays.

Tide to Go

You never know when you might slop your meal down the front of your shirt or sit on something yucky. A Tide to Go stain remover pen can be a true lifesaver. Just last week, I pulled a freshly dry cleaned white blouse from my suitcase to find a big, yellow splotch of something nasty smack in the center. I pulled out my trusty Tide to Go pen, and in an instant the stain was gone.

Are there other items you simply refuse to leave home without? Head over to the Wanderlust Wayfarer Facebook group to join the conversation by telling us about your travel essentials!

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