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3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Solo Travel

Everyone should try solo travel at least once in their lifetime. I truly believe this with all of my heart.

For many people, the concept of traveling alone is terrifying. Many people fear they’ll get lost or mugged. Others simply worry they’ll get bored. But if you plan carefully and use common sense, you have nothing to worry about. Solo travel is perfectly safe and extremely rewarding. So what makes it so great?

Check out these three reasons why you should give solo travel a shot.

solo travel

1. Time for Self-reflection

How many times have you wished for a little peace and quiet? These days, we all have so many demands on our time and we’re so connected that it’s almost impossible to hear yourself think. One of the best things about traveling by yourself is that you can be as connected—or disconnected—as you want to be. Read a book. Write in a journal. Sit at a café and watch the world go by. Enjoy the silence, and think about all the wonderful things in your life. There’s nothing better than being alone with yourself for a few days to put things in perspective.

2. A Shot of Confidence

Nothing boosts your self-esteem like doing something that you didn’t think you could. Getting on that plane, train, bus, or boat is just step one. Now imagine zip lining through a tropical rainforest, taking a cooking class in Cambodia, or sleeping under the stars on the African savannah. These are all things you can do on your own, and each one is like a shot of adrenaline in the form of pure confidence.

3. You Did It Your Way

Like Frank Sinatra, I like to do things my way. The most beautiful thing about solo travel is that you don’t have to compromise on anything. No one is going to tell you what to do. If you want to sleep until noon, there’s nobody nagging you to get out of bed. Have a hankering to eat breakfast for dinner? What’s stopping you?

This is by far my favorite reason to travel on my own…of course, that could be because I’m an only child and usually get things my way. Regardless, how often do you get to do whatever you want whenever you want? Take advantage, and if you get bored or lonely, just chat up the person next to you in line for your morning coffee or join a tour group.

solo travel

Go ahead, give solo travel a try. You don’t have to go away for a month or even a week. One weekend is all you need to know if it’s right for you. You may come home a whole new person, or you may find out you really do prefer to be part of a team. Either way, at least you’ll have grown as a person and learned a little something more about yourself.

Have you tried solo travel? What advice can you offer others? Share your ideas on the Wanderlust Wayfarer Facebook group.

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